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Cultural Activities in Saint-Tropez

Discover the top Saint-Tropez cultural activities


Whatever you choose to do on your holiday you are sure to find a huge range of cultural activities across the Saint-Tropez area. From museums to archaeological sites, live music or wine tastings, there is something for everyone in Saint-Tropez. Check out the selection of things to do & see below for some holiday inspiration!

Castles & Ruins

Around Saint-Tropez you can find castles and forts dating from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century. Some have been turned into hotels or administrative buildings, but can still be visited.

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If you want to catch the latest releases, Saint-Tropez offers a few cinemas showing films in English version (look for the VOS sign).

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Cookery Schools & Courses

Saint-Tropez, like the whole of France, is a paradise for foodies. Local delicacies include nougatolives, truffles, chestnuts and pastis, while there are delicious regional recipes like boullabaise souppissaladiereratatouille or the tarte tropezienne, which has its own festival. Many culinary schools and restaurants around Saint-Tropez offer cookery classes where you can learn to prepare traditional dishes or discover the newest trends in French cuisine.

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Fiestas, Fairs & Fetes

There are many village festivals around Saint-Tropez where you can mingle with the locals, dance to traditional music and taste local specialities while learning more about the region's history and customs.

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Houses & gardens

In Saint Tropez there are botanical gardens where you can learn more about the local Mediterranean species growing in this beautiful part of the world.

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Live Music

When it comes to music, Saint Tropez is probably more known for drawing the superstar DJs to its clubs in midsummer than for its live bands and concerts, but this glamorous fishing village has a fair mix of music venues and special events. There’s also the wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) music from street performers and buskers that make sitting at a restaurant in summer such a quintessentially French affair.

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Saint-Tropez and the surrounding area have a whole host of markets where you can hunt a bargain, check out the local crafts and antiques, or buy regional produce. There are also a couple of night markets perfect for those balmy summer evenings.

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Museums & Galleries

Saint Tropez has a wide range of museums and galleries to keep visitors entertained. From important art collections to historical and archaeological exhibitions, there is something for everyone.

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Religious Buildings

The Saint Tropez area has many stunning religious buildings that tell the story of the region. From the charming 5th-century monastery of Lerins, to medieval buildings like the cathedral of Frejus, Baroque temples or hilltop chapels.

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The Carre Theatre features a variety of shows, concerts and plays, many of them in French.

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Wine tasting & vineyard tours in Saint-Tropez

The region of Provence produces some of the best wines in the world. Take a tour around one of the beautiful vineyards in Saint-Tropez. Taste the carefully made wines, learn more about them, the grapes and the wine making process whilst enjoying the wonderful vineyard scenery.

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Wine in Saint-Tropez