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Best Local Cuisine in Saint-Tropez

Discover the top Saint-Tropez local cuisine


Food and gastronomy in the region of Provence and in Saint-Tropez play a tremendous part in the culture and daily life. From the freshest seafood to the creamiest tarts and the very best of traditional culinary delights - Saint Tropez is certainly a place for the foodies.

Bouillabaisse, Riviera / Cote d'Azur

Traditional Provencal fish stew, originating from Marseille

Gateau des Rois - The Cake of Kings!

January - a time for cake and celebrations...

Ice Tropez

Ice Tropez is a cocktail which was created in Saint Tropez


Caramelised onion & anchovy flatbread popular across Provence & the Cote d'Azur


Traditional vegetable stew from the Occitan region, a Provencal favourite

Tarte Tropezienne

The one & only creamy sponge cake from Saint Tropez