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Where to stay in Saint-Tropez

Discover the top Saint-Tropez places to stay


From luxury hotels and celebrity haunts to beachside villas and chateaux nestled in vineyards, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez has a lot to offer. Whether you are craving a relaxing cocktail on the beach, looking to sample a delicate rosé in a private chateau or fancy popping the cork on a bottle of bubbly in the infamous nightclubs of St Tropez, there are towns and villages in the Gulf to suit all of your holiday aspirations.

cobbled street in St Tropez

Saint-Tropez village accommodation

The heart of the action
The iconic village of Saint Tropez itself is compact at around a square kilometre, and there are many wonderful hotels and guest houses for you to choose from. Much of the village is pedestrianised and the old town, filled with charming lanes, shuttered cottages, and pretty gardens is perfect for exploring by foot.

The world-famous Port de Saint Tropez marina is on your doorstep, as are the shopsbars and restaurants, and the renowned nightlife. St Tropez village has a couple of small beaches but the beach that it is famous for is actually situated at Pampelonne a few kilometres away. The high-end hotels tend to offer shuttle buses on request to Pampelonne beach so you don't have to worry about driving. Alternatively, taxis are readily available and there are regular buses between the beach and the St Tropez.

The immediate area around the village offers some lovely accommodation options with more privacy and more space. Elegant manors have been transformed into boutique hotels with stunning swimming pools and every modern convenience. The areas to the south, Sant-Bonaventure, Les Moulins and Maneby are fairly flat so there are not many places with sea views to be found here. Over to the headland of Saint-Jaune and Les Salins, to the east of St Tropez, are a mixture of small hotels and guest houses.

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Pampelonne beach accommodation

Beach clubs, villas and camping
If staying by the beach is important to you, there are a number of places to stay on Pampelonne beach. They range from family friendly holiday villages and campsites to charming guesthouses. Shuttle buses operate regularly back to the village of St Tropez, but staying here is all about enjoying the beach and the beach clubs - no need to move very far at all!


Ramatuelle & Gassin accommodation

Quiet villages, luxury hotels and vineyards
For more luxury whilst staying close to the beach, try heading towards Ramatuelle. This is a small village in the hills above Pampelonne Beach, very beautiful and quiet. There are some wonderful properties around here, from villas to glamorous five-star hotels, with sea views to die for. The area around Ramatuelle and the other nearby hilltop village of Gassin are in prime wine growing country. As you explore the area you will see many vineyards open for visits and tastings.

Cavalaire sur Mer

La Croix Valmer & Cavalaire sur Mer accommodation

Further afield and less expensive
The villages of La Croix Valmer and Cavalaire sur Mer lie to the south-west of Saint Tropez and are slightly more affordable options, with their own beaches and southerly sea views. There is a good choice of hotels here, and you are more likely to find a beachfront hotel here. You are on the edge of the Massif des Maures Natural Park, where you will find wild forested hills, protected from development. The area is popular with walkers and cyclists - head to the village of Colobrieres for a tranquil stay away from the crowds.

Port Grimaud, Golfe de Saint Tropez

Port Grimaud & Sainte-Maxime accommodation

Family accommodation on the water
To the other side of St Tropez, following the road back to Sainte-Maxime, there are a number of hotels and holiday apartment residences that cater well for families. Port Grimaud is a pretty, purpose built marina with plenty of activities and entertainments for families. As you head towards Sainte Maxime you will find more affordable holiday rentals and guest houses. Sainte-Maxime is a typical holiday resort with beaches and a small harbour. It is home to Aqualand waterpark and has plenty of touristy shops and boutiques. There are regular boat trips over to St Tropez, an easier way of travelling there than by car (heavy traffic in the summer months!).

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