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Saint Tropez, Golfe de Saint Tropez

Mingle with the rich & famous in this glamorous & lively beach resort
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The most glamorous town in the Var is undoubtedly Saint-Tropez. In early spring the tourists start to flock to this old fishing village to catch a glimpse of a movie star, shop at the beautiful boutiques, sip a pastis at one of the cafés on the port or just people watch and enjoy the towns flamboyant residents. 

In summer the place is just sizzling. The 10-km access route is a stop-and-go, and stop again, affair. At the end of the afternoon it could take you two hours to get there, while out of season, or in the early morning, you can zip into town in less than 15 minutes. Every summer images of movies-stars, athletes and models enjoying champagne on yachts and beach parties adorn the pages of celebrity magazines, all with the same caption “…spotted in St Tropez”.

With no star in sight, no serious author scribbling away on a café terrace, no famous artist painting the fishing boats, should you still visit Saint-Tropez? We think so.

It is easy to see the attraction of this once tiny fishing village; beautiful beaches, luxury yachts, expensive boutiques, cafes, bars and night clubs, all the trappings of a millionaire lifestyle with French Riviera chic.

Venture into the old part of the town, La Ponche, where the narrow streets are lined with colourful fishermen houses. There you can find a surprising quiet after the bustle on the markets. The tiny restaurants are beginning to open their doors and set out their tables. You may stumble upon a stubborn dog, intent to watch what's going on inside. 

In la Ponche you will find the church with its pastel-colored belltower, the landmark of Saint-Tropez. You may also see a striking bougainvillea, already in bloom in May. After your wanderings in this old part of town, descend to the port for a time of people-watching and above all the scene of mega yachts, tied stern-to to the quay. The crew will be busy cleaning, setting up the gigantic floral arrangements in the cockpit and preparing for the late awakening of the occupants.

History & Culture in Saint-Tropez

Until the beginning of the 20th Century, Saint-Tropez was a sleepy fishing village, unknown to tourists.  Then Paul Signac discovered the village, fell under its charm and spread the word. Other painters followed (Matisse, Bonnard) and later writers (Colette, Jean Cocteau) and finally the world of film,  beginning with Roger Vadim's And God Created Woman, set in Saint-Tropez.

Today, you can admire the works of Signac, Matisse and others in the charming museum L'Annonciade on the old port. The writers have moved elsewhere and the movie stars keep out of sight, the few that still live in the area. Brigitte Bardot has a house in the next bay, but you won't chance a glimpse of her in town. 

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History of Saint-Tropez

Sights & Attractions in Saint-Tropez

Sights to see include one of Saint Tropez’s most impressive constructions by far which is La Citadelle. Head up the steep hill to the 16th century citadel, where there's a museum and beautiful views over the sea. (This is a lovely place for a picnic and enjoying the afternoon breeze.) There's also the House of Butterflies with thousands of butterflies on display, and the Annonciade museum, one of the longest established modern art galleries in France- you can see works here by Matisse, Bonnard and Signac among others.

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Attractions in Saint-Tropez

Events in Saint-Tropez

The town has so much to offer, from its daily fish market in the covered alley off the port to the lively open-air market on Place de Lices (Tuesday and Saturday mornings). Plus annual events such as the Bravades or the magnificent Les Voiles de Saint Tropez...

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Main Events in Saint-Tropez

Things to Do in Saint-Tropez

If you fancy some designer shopping, Saint Tropez has some seriously exclusive boutiques- or you can visit the lovely provencal market in the Place des Lices every saturday and tuesday morning for a more low-key spend. Walk up to the Citadel for some of the best sunset views or go for a coastal walk and enjoy the amazing natural heritage of the region. Or just pass the time in a cafe watching the locals play petanque in the square under the plane trees. For a day dripping in Riviera glamour you should really dress up and head to the Saint Tropez Polo Club- or head out on the water with the superyachts by chartering a boat for the day. Kids will adore the Azur Park at nearby Gassin, with a rollercoaster, ferris wheel and waterslides. Finally, water-sports enthusiast will find a second home on Pampelonne Beach- as well as those who like to make themselves comfortable on sun loungers, with a magnum of champagne...

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Sports & Activities in Saint-Tropez

Dining in Saint-Tropez

L'Opera is also very popular both for the food and atmosphere. This has probably the most glitzy, bubbly, party atmosphere on the Port and is associated with the real St Tropez experience. 

If it's seafood you are looking for then Le Girelier Restaurant is certainly one of the best around the Port. Or for a good value a true French feeling then Le Bistro Pastis is a wonderful place for a meal, a coffee...or of course, a pastis.

The most famous café from which to observe this theatre is Sénéquier, with its distinctive red director chairs. A drink may cost you 30€ or more, but you'll have the best seat in town to take in the goings on. The Harley-Davidsons pass back and forth, a Ferrari parks illegally, an old Tropezien zips by on his Vespa with two dogs in a basket, an aspiring model walks back and forth, dangling a tiny Chanel shopping bag from her wrist. It's everyday life in Saint-Tropez.

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Where to Eat in Saint-Tropez

Nightlife in Saint-Tropez

There are some of the finest clubs on earth in Saint Tropez. When it’s time to get your dancing shoes on, there are three main options, all fairly guaranteed to provide a glimpse of celebrities, if you like that kind of thing. Caves du Roy has been considered the most prestigious club on the French Riviera (and therefore the world) for over 40 years, while the VIP room is another notorious favourite with the jet set. La Bodega de Papagayo is the most lively and the easiest to gain entry to- although its clientele is still the young, the rich and the beautiful. There are also some great bars for people watching, as well as a low-key Irish pub- for full details see our St Tropez nightlife guide.


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Nightlife in Saint-Tropez

Hotels in Saint-Tropez

Saint Tropez remains a favourite spot for the famous as well as lovers of the seaside, history and heritage. From luxury hotels to rooms for rent, Saint Tropez offers a rich and varied choice of accommodation to suit all tastes.

Saint Tropez has more hotels per head of permanent population than almost anywhere else in France. The prices are relatively expensive, even so, it is essential to book in advance for the summer months. The surrounding villages other alternative accommodations, in general, the further you are from Saint Tropez, the better value you will find.

The Hotel Byblos and Residence de la Pinede both offer accommodation fit for a king with palace-like decors and high-end prices.

Pastis hotel is a charming contemporary hotel set within a Provencal building, designed for guests who are looking for a quality environment with a relaxed atmosphere. The hotel is only a short walk away from the centre of town, there is a lovely pool and sweeping sea views.

The Hotel Sezz is a fabulous luxury hotel that combines charm and design to praise the ever so precious feeling of getting away from it all.  Ideally located just 1km from the centre of Saint-Tropez, the Sezz Saint-Tropez is a real haven of peace, Elegance and refinement.

It is also essential to call ahead during the low season as the town pretty much shuts down for winter; many of the hotels close from October to April each year.

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Saint-Tropez, Saint-Tropez

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