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Stefano Forever Bar & Nightclub, Pampelonne

Beach club, restaurant, bar, nightclub & decadent cabaret perfomance


Located in the heart of the Bay of Pampelonne on the beach is one of the most mythical and legendary locations in the world, made popular by an international clientèle, Stefano Forever has now become an essential St Tropez rendez-vous.

Creating a decadent festive tradition in Saint Tropez, an evening with Stefano is like entering the most surreal dream that would have been imagined by Dali, Fellini or Burton today. Impossible to describe and impossible to resist, the madness and the elegance.

Stefano Forever is a beach club by day and cabaret by night, within a Grecian wonderland of white fountains, ornate statuary and gilded dining arrangements.

From July through to August the club hosts a Friday-Saturday Summer Club from 00:00 to 07:00. Not just for nightlife, the club offers its daytime menu of wood-oven specialities and seafood dishes through until 02:00.

Worth knowing

Stefano Forever spends the winter in the hip ski resort of Megeve before de-camping to the glorious sun drenched shores of Saint Tropez for the summer months.


Map of the surrounding area