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Fête du Romerage, Le Lavandou

Traditional village festival at Le Lavandou
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A very traditional religious parade accompanied by folk dancing and music, and finished with three short theatre pieces.

This celebration began when Le Lavandou was nothing but a small fishermen's hamlet attached to Bormes. Once a year, local inhabitants would celebrate their patron, "Saint-Clair", organising a long and solemn parade.

Nowadays, the procession takes participants from the church of Saint-Louis to the chapel of Saint-Clair, through the beach, accompanied by folk music and dancing. It all ends with three short theatre pieces. There is also a popular Italian communal meal.


Village centre


  • Quartier de Saint-Clair
  • 83980

Dates for this event

September 2023


Le Lavandou, Saint-Tropez

Map of the surrounding area