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Gendarmerie of Saint Tropez gets a facelift

Fifty years after the adventures of Cruchot & his gendarmes, the memory lives on

Featured in: | Pam Williamson, Saint-Tropez Editor | Published

The facade of the infamous gendarmerie is still one of the most photographed buildings in the town, despite having closed as a police station (real or fictitious) in 2003.

The town of Saint Tropez has been renovating the building to transform it into the Musee de la Gendarmerie at du Cinema de Saint Tropez (Museum of Police and Cinema). They have invest around 1.6 million euros into the work in order to restore and revive this historic building and for the benefit of the tourists who visit. 

What better than a museum in honor of Saint-Tropez as a movie set and trace the history of films shot in the city and its surroundings. Town officials felt that the legacy of the Gendarmes de Saint Tropez, has greatly contributed to the reputation of Saint Tropez. The museum will have two parts: one dedicated to the history of the national police, the other cinema in Saint Tropez. Visitors to the museum will be greeted by the statue of Louis de Funes - a bronze sculpture in real size, by Pierre-Louis Gayraud. The inauguration of the museum is scheduled for late April 2016.

If you are fan of the films then this one museum not to be missed in Saint Tropez.

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